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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

New Area...

Hey y'all! It's been a crazy week! The first week in a new area is always a strange one, especially if it turns out to be your walk week. Basically, we did a lot of walking his week. So I'm follow-up training Sister Ellis, but she's pretty much already trained. It's been great.

So I have met a lot of new people here. Apparently this has been a really hard area for the last transfer, but they managed to build up a teaching pool right as I got here, so we had stuff to do all week. There just aren't very many potentials in the area book. But there are some good people to talk to. Most of our time we walked around the area trying to get in people's houses, and we just smiled and waved at everyone as they drove by us. Lots of people we talked to on Saturday said they had seen us and were more open to talking with us because of it.

On Saturday we went out with a member and we tried to contact a referral in Shelby forest, and we ended up driving around the forest for about two hours getting lost and not being able to find the address. Turns out it doesn't exist, but we had a great adventure driving through a gorgeous forest, and because we got so close to the river in the meanwhile, we stopped for a minute and got to walk down the boat run thing and get our feet wet in the Mississippi River. It was really fun. But the pictures are on the members phone, so we'll have to get that sometime. That was a really fun day. And yesterday the elders had a baptism! So we got to go to that after church. So far I really like the area, and the ward is amazing. It was a really good week. A lot of things remind me of Southaven, Mostly because I can tell that this is NOT Arkansas. It feels like Tennessee. I can't describe it any other way. But it's really great to be so close to my first area. Lisa was actually at the church by the temple when the transfer van pulled up last week, so I've already gotten to
see her again. Plus, when we have zone conference I'll get to see Sister Havran! And meet her new greenie! It's pretty exciting.

Sister Beckstrand

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