A missionary leaves her family for a short time, so that those she teaches may be with their families forever!”

Monday, March 28, 2016

What a week!

This week has been so busy. We got so close to the standard of excellence. If our baptismal dates had not dropped, we would have had it. Oh well, it was still productive. The best part probably was J's baptism. We had specialized training on Thursday, and while we were there we were made known of a part of the word of wisdom that we did not know about. It was a new thing that just came down from the top and we thought that maybe J was doing it. We freaked out, texted his wife and she said he did. So because president was there and we were sure if we asked him to stop right then he would. And because he would have earlier if we had known about that new criteria for baptism. President said that only because he has such a good support system with his wife and her family that he would be okay for baptism if he committed to stop. So after the training we ran to his house to talked to them about it. He was really unhappy and said he could not, it would take another month. So we apologized and said we'd keep meeting with him and set a new date. Then we went to our next appointment. His wife called us about half an hour later, and said that as soon as he calmed down he was shown a scripture, and he prayed about it, and now he was all good to go. He was able to be baptized on Saturday just before the women's conference. It was awesome. Made even more so because of that experience. It was awesome. 
Earlier that day we went and dyed Easter eggs with a member family. They were super fun. The kids are super cute. We had a ton of fun. That was our biggest Easter thing. 

They are such a cute family!!
Today we went to a peak and played soccer. I did pretty well, and I have also been getting better at volleyball. It's all because Sister Hirschi is a sporty person. But it's pretty fun. 
It was a really great week.
And Phil is still awesome.
 (Apparently, she has to send a pic of Phil EVERY week. I'm just grateful she's sending so many pictures! I'm also trying to do better about sending pictures of us and our goings on every week too - not to make her homesick, but to help her keep up to date with the changes she'll miss otherwise!)

Extra post by MOM

This is NOT Kimberly's letter for the week, but a post by her mom.

Posted by Richard Floyd on the Arkansas Little Rock Mission Moms FB page, together with several beautiful photo collages:

"...in the spirit of President Ezra Taft Benson's challenge some years back to "flood the earth" with The Book of Mormon, the missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of the Arkansas Little Rock Mission did just that in Memphis this past week! Over 2,000 copies of The Book of Mormon were shared with attendees of the Book of Mormon musical, as well as others passing by the Orpheum Theatre (March 15-20). Thanks go to some 230 members who shared copies of their written testimonies which were duplicated and inserted in every copy of the 2,000 books. Over 6,000 pass-a-long cards were also distributed! Sixty-four missionaries serving in the two Memphis zones participated in this grand endeavor, with an average of 14 to 20 assisting at each of the eight shows for approximately 5 hours for each one. Heartfelt appreciation for each of the eight wards who provided meals for the missionaries!
Many tender spiritual moments were experienced by the missionaries as they shared their testimonies of The Book of Mormon, the Savior and His Church restored! The response from most of the theatre patrons was simply amazing! May we all pray that those who have received or will order a copy of The Book of Mormon will follow the invitation found in Moroni 10:4-5 and will seek to know for themselves the truthfulness of this sacred volume of scripture!"

I found our missionary in this collage EIGHT times - can you find them all?
I'm so grateful she got to be part of that marvelous experience. The missionaries did a lot of singing of hymns, which was a powerful testimony to many attendees. Missions are the greatest!
Then I got a couple of texts on Thursday evening while I was at a school production, and not recognizing the phone number, I didn't take it until intermission. Then this is what I found!

Kimberly and Blake quilting. :) [LB]

Me: This is WONDERFUL! Is this from a member of my daughter's ward? Thank you!!!

Her: Yes. I'm the self designated Ward Mom for all the missionaries. LOL. Your Very Welcome. [LB]

Me: Again, thank you for mothering our girls! I'm so glad that you shared. I'm crying right now, during the intermission of a school play (the one my daughter wanted to see.) I don't cry over her often. She LOVES quilting.

Her: Awe, she's tearing up, with a smile on her face. They had to leave. :)

Me: :) Bye Kimber!

Big sigh!!

I'd heard of this happening, especially stateside, but whew.

Monday, March 21, 2016

What a week! The Book of Mormon Musical Street Contacting


You guys are having so much fun. (Cousins are here for two days...) I love hearing about it all. I don't have a ton of time here today, so I'm going to jump right in.
This week was crazy and so fun. The Book of Mormon musical was in town, and sister Hirschi and I got to go three times. It was awesome. We got to bed at twelve forty one night, another at eleven forty or something. It was totally crazy! Since that was our main focus this week, and since we had such late nights, our other days were not quite as good, and lots of people were not there. All we did this week was the play, and then just member work. At the play we handed out cards to people as they went in and told them we were giving out real copies of the book after the play. Then we just passed out cards the whole Tim, and we sing hymns to all the w,piers during the intermission. And then we handed out books to everyone when it was over. We were stationed at corners and down the road very carefully. It was so fun. We had some awesome conversations. I did pretty well at not being shy and just going for it.
The first night we got there a little early and so we walked a bit down Beal street, and we met this guy who said we weren't Christians. It was pretty funny, he as talking about casting out Devils and all that kind of stuff. Memphis is so crazy. Another time another sister and I were put together, and this guy came up and said that there was no other testament of Jesus Christ, and we had to be careful and rethink our lives. Then he prayed with us that we would recognize our wrongs and find he right path. It's sad when you meet people who are not excited to think that there is more scripture. But I am glad that he cared enough to try to help us, even though he was wrong. One of the best things was when we met this lady who when we talked about the book with her she asked for one and she was so excited to read it that she was bouncing in her shoes. It was so cool to she that kind of excitement to learn.
It was an amazing week, and I really wish I had time to say more, but I do not. I love you guys. Good luck to the Felts on finding a house, congratulations on the house (if I haven't said it yet), and just keep being the best family and friends anyone could have! I love you!! 
.... Pics of the week:

This was my crazy fun week (no selfie from the third day) it was so awesome,
once in a lifetime experience. So good.

Monday, March 14, 2016

A wet, fun, busy week

...(Chatter about what the family is doing at home.) I love that the boys are doing so much, even though I'm missing it all, I love to hear about it.
This week has been just crazy. It rained a ton, and there were a lot of flash floods. Our weather radio went off a ton warning about floods, and last night there was a tornado warning,. We almost had to go spend the night somewhere else because we live in a second story apartment. But the thunder was so cool. It was so wet this week. I was very grateful to have an umbrella. 
We found a really awesome family that is so ready to hear the gospel. They even read the Book of Mormon when we asked them to. They even have a baptismal date for the 9th of April. It's a mom, and her two kids, a 12 year old boy and a 9 year old girl. The 9 year old, S, is really interested in the Holy Ghost. We also had a great member present lesson with them again. They were supposed to come to church yesterday, but didn't make it. We haven't had a chance to talk to them about it yet. 
But, T got confirmed yesterday. His mom didn't come though. We've only seen her 3 times. There were five confirmations, and we got a whole new bishopric yesterday. It was crazy. And really sad, but exciting. The old bishop was awesome, and he got really emotional the whole meeting, especially when he was giving his testimony. We went way over the time. It was a really good set of meetings. Then there were a tone of people out of town, most of whom were interpreters, or deaf people. There was just Brother Foote and Sister Hirschi and me to interpret for the one deaf couple that was there. So Sister Hirschi and I interpreted for Sunday school and relief society. It was nuts, but really fun. (Maybe I can give it a try when I get home, right mom? ;) only if I remember it though.) 
J (the part member family) is going out of town this week, but he moved his baptism up to the 26th of this month instead of the 9th in April so that one of his brothers in law could still be there. This guy is so cool. He also told me about something called "praise flags" and I gotta say, I really want to try it out. 
Members feed us a lot, and I have enjoyed all the food they have made, even the potatoes!! There have been no baked potatoes so far though. I'm wondering if I'll like those too if someone ever serves them. Oh well, there is a lot of good food here. (This from the girl who won't eat french fries, potato chips or baked potatoes or nearly anything else potatoes; amazing what a changed state of mind can do!)
One thing Sister Hirschi is a big fan of is getting people's story. I love hearing everyone's story of how they met, how and why they joined the church. Especially the older people. They have the best stories. So fun. 
It has been a wet, fun, busy week. 
Love Kimber 

Phill and I are good friends ;)

Monday, March 7, 2016

Baptisms and Walk-Week

...Lots of family stuff, like about driver's licenses, first dates, miracles that happened at home this week, past and future plans, then...

This is the end of my first transfer. It was also my first walk week. We did not have a car this week, and we had to either walk wherever we went, or get rides form members. It was really stressful. We didn't get a ton done this week, but we did get to do a lot of service. Hopefully our numbers will get better this next week. At least those we did talk to were really good lessons a lot of the time. Small miracles. 

The absolute best part of this week was last night. Last night five people got baptized. Elders Wilson and Zakella (the zone leaders, and in my district) had two people and Elders Claridge (the district leader) and Carter also had two more, and we had one. There were so many people there that we had to move from the relief society room into the chapel, and even the chapel was full. There was a TON of support from the ward. It was amazing. T got baptized. His mom even came. We were really stressing about how much we knew she needed to be there and hoping that she would make it. Bronzie is amazing, she picked T and his mom up for his baptism, and then her and all the other deaf people in the ward were there to make friends with his mom, S. We were so happy. T was so happy about being baptized. Usually it's hard to get much expression out of him, but he was beaming so much after it. Everyone is getting confirmed next Sunday. It was so cool. My first baptism, and he is so awesome. We are hoping to be able to start teaching S soon. Maybe even T's whole family. 

It was really weird to think of how Elder Wilson is going home today. His last day in the field was with those five baptisms. In the last two weeks of his mission he had four of his investigators get baptized. That is a very good way to end a mission. What a wonderful accomplishment. I would love to have it like this all the time, but I know that it was a rare thing, and it is ok if that is not how a mission ends, but that is a very good way to end it all. It was a very good end for my first transfer. "The field is white already to harvest," so true, and to think that president was on the verge of shutting his area down when he put in the zone leaders and us to whitewash this area. "No unhallowed had can stop the work from progressing;" this is God's work, I am his instrument, and "the truth of God [is going forth]" and I am part of that. 

And all of you can be too. Every member a missionary. Just like Abish in the Book of Mormon brought all the people to Ammon so he could teach them, Ammon would not have been able to teach and those who were converted would not have learned if it weren't for her bringing them to him. Don't be afraid to talk about Jesus. Ask people about what they believe. Talk about what you learn and do not shy away from rejoicing in Christ. That is one of my favorite things down here. Religion and God and church are openly discussed in public, with strangers. It is not weird to ask if someone has found a church home yet. I love it. I love the work. I am so tired every night, and not eager to get up in the mornings, but I do because I love it. Do not wait to do the things you need to, do not put off receiving blessings from God. Be eager as you work towards them. Learn of Him. He is incredible. And He is your best friend.

Love, Kimber

I wrote back a couple of minutes after I got this email:
This letter is making me bawl like a baby, thanks! This is what a parent lives to hear!!

Her response:
Tell everyone I love them ❤️❤️❤️

T is getting baptized!!!!!!!!
All those who got baptized, and their missionaries,
and the ward mission leader (WML)
Brother Foote the WML signing with Bronzie
(who is holding his son) and S. T sitting in front
watching the conversation.
Phil moves only once a week, this is the new one for this week.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Baptisms and Gold

Sorry this is a day late, folks. I was sick over the weekend, and was still getting over it yesterday, so postponed this posting until today. All is well, not to worry...

A random field that we thought would be more exciting because of an interesting looking path. Such a let down :p


It's ok that you don't have any notes, dad sent me some. They were pretty good. I'm sorry that you've been sick. You know...(she appreciates the mail she gets from her some of her brothers.)

This week was busy as always. We pushed Ts date back a week because we wanted to be sure that he was ready, so now he's actually getting baptized on the 6th, along with a bunch of the Elders' investigators. But we did have a baptism on Saturday, a grandma and a granddaughter. It was amazing. So wonderful to see them making covenants with God. It was great. 
I've been trying to improve my personal studies, it's coming slowly. I'm still working on the lesson points. It's really crazy to think that my first transfer is almost over. The time really does fly. I'm learning so much, and improving myself a ton. I'm learning to really change myself to be more Christlike. At least that is what I am focusing on right now. I'm learning to better love those around me. 
It's super weird spending all day every day with a girl. I can say something like "this house is so cute!" and she'll agree with me. I'm so used to boys and their indifference to such frivolous things that when I "indulge" if that's event the right word, in girly moments it's really refreshing. (Now it's her mom that stuck with the bunch of boys...come visit me girls!)
I have had a lot of opportunities to serve. There is a sister in our ward who likes to have the missionaries come help at her gym. And we've helped clean the church. We offer to help out a lot, but nobody actually asks for it. 
That part member family, the husband, he's totally awesome!! We had stake conference last Sunday, and he came to that. We were getting a new stake presidency, (and our bishop actually got called to the position of the first counselor by the way) and there was an area seventy there. He was talking about the power of conversion in the Book of Mormon. I really wish I had takes notes, it was incredible. So we walk into our lesson on Tuesday with this investigator, and he tells us that he is ready to be baptized. We're like, "What! No way!" We weren't even going to ask him to be, we were just going to teach him what we believe. This guy is totally awesome. We learn later from his brother in law that he has a big thing for coffee, and he said that J (the investigator) was not going to give it up. So we planned to skip lesson three and teach about he Word of Wisdom the next time we meet. So we walk into our lesson on Saturday, and his wife says that he's been reading about the Word of Wisdom. Just out of the blue he started studying it while they were driving to Louisiana this week. And we're like, "What! Now way!" All over again. He's always one step ahead of us, just preparing for the next lesson by following the prompting a of the Spirit. This guy is totally golden. He is basically teaching himself. Now they are going to be out of town a lot this month so we had to set a date for the beginning of April. I just hope that we will still be here, and I'm pretty sure we will be. President Walkolo has pretty much said that we will be here for a while. 
This week is walk week. So we will not have a car, and it's going to be awesome! I don't know how we're going to get to a lot of our appointments yet, but as we plan and coordinate with members, the Lord will provide a way. This will be my first walk week, at the end of my first transfer. Always with the new experiences.
I love you all, me thanks for your letters of support. Keep me in the loop with all that is going on, and don't hesitate to send a random letter by snail mail, it's fun to get.
Love, Kimber 

Everything in italics was added by Mom B.