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Monday, March 7, 2016

Baptisms and Walk-Week

...Lots of family stuff, like about driver's licenses, first dates, miracles that happened at home this week, past and future plans, then...

This is the end of my first transfer. It was also my first walk week. We did not have a car this week, and we had to either walk wherever we went, or get rides form members. It was really stressful. We didn't get a ton done this week, but we did get to do a lot of service. Hopefully our numbers will get better this next week. At least those we did talk to were really good lessons a lot of the time. Small miracles. 

The absolute best part of this week was last night. Last night five people got baptized. Elders Wilson and Zakella (the zone leaders, and in my district) had two people and Elders Claridge (the district leader) and Carter also had two more, and we had one. There were so many people there that we had to move from the relief society room into the chapel, and even the chapel was full. There was a TON of support from the ward. It was amazing. T got baptized. His mom even came. We were really stressing about how much we knew she needed to be there and hoping that she would make it. Bronzie is amazing, she picked T and his mom up for his baptism, and then her and all the other deaf people in the ward were there to make friends with his mom, S. We were so happy. T was so happy about being baptized. Usually it's hard to get much expression out of him, but he was beaming so much after it. Everyone is getting confirmed next Sunday. It was so cool. My first baptism, and he is so awesome. We are hoping to be able to start teaching S soon. Maybe even T's whole family. 

It was really weird to think of how Elder Wilson is going home today. His last day in the field was with those five baptisms. In the last two weeks of his mission he had four of his investigators get baptized. That is a very good way to end a mission. What a wonderful accomplishment. I would love to have it like this all the time, but I know that it was a rare thing, and it is ok if that is not how a mission ends, but that is a very good way to end it all. It was a very good end for my first transfer. "The field is white already to harvest," so true, and to think that president was on the verge of shutting his area down when he put in the zone leaders and us to whitewash this area. "No unhallowed had can stop the work from progressing;" this is God's work, I am his instrument, and "the truth of God [is going forth]" and I am part of that. 

And all of you can be too. Every member a missionary. Just like Abish in the Book of Mormon brought all the people to Ammon so he could teach them, Ammon would not have been able to teach and those who were converted would not have learned if it weren't for her bringing them to him. Don't be afraid to talk about Jesus. Ask people about what they believe. Talk about what you learn and do not shy away from rejoicing in Christ. That is one of my favorite things down here. Religion and God and church are openly discussed in public, with strangers. It is not weird to ask if someone has found a church home yet. I love it. I love the work. I am so tired every night, and not eager to get up in the mornings, but I do because I love it. Do not wait to do the things you need to, do not put off receiving blessings from God. Be eager as you work towards them. Learn of Him. He is incredible. And He is your best friend.

Love, Kimber

I wrote back a couple of minutes after I got this email:
This letter is making me bawl like a baby, thanks! This is what a parent lives to hear!!

Her response:
Tell everyone I love them ❤️❤️❤️

T is getting baptized!!!!!!!!
All those who got baptized, and their missionaries,
and the ward mission leader (WML)
Brother Foote the WML signing with Bronzie
(who is holding his son) and S. T sitting in front
watching the conversation.
Phil moves only once a week, this is the new one for this week.

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