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Monday, March 28, 2016

What a week!

This week has been so busy. We got so close to the standard of excellence. If our baptismal dates had not dropped, we would have had it. Oh well, it was still productive. The best part probably was J's baptism. We had specialized training on Thursday, and while we were there we were made known of a part of the word of wisdom that we did not know about. It was a new thing that just came down from the top and we thought that maybe J was doing it. We freaked out, texted his wife and she said he did. So because president was there and we were sure if we asked him to stop right then he would. And because he would have earlier if we had known about that new criteria for baptism. President said that only because he has such a good support system with his wife and her family that he would be okay for baptism if he committed to stop. So after the training we ran to his house to talked to them about it. He was really unhappy and said he could not, it would take another month. So we apologized and said we'd keep meeting with him and set a new date. Then we went to our next appointment. His wife called us about half an hour later, and said that as soon as he calmed down he was shown a scripture, and he prayed about it, and now he was all good to go. He was able to be baptized on Saturday just before the women's conference. It was awesome. Made even more so because of that experience. It was awesome. 
Earlier that day we went and dyed Easter eggs with a member family. They were super fun. The kids are super cute. We had a ton of fun. That was our biggest Easter thing. 

They are such a cute family!!
Today we went to a peak and played soccer. I did pretty well, and I have also been getting better at volleyball. It's all because Sister Hirschi is a sporty person. But it's pretty fun. 
It was a really great week.
And Phil is still awesome.
 (Apparently, she has to send a pic of Phil EVERY week. I'm just grateful she's sending so many pictures! I'm also trying to do better about sending pictures of us and our goings on every week too - not to make her homesick, but to help her keep up to date with the changes she'll miss otherwise!)

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