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Monday, March 21, 2016

What a week! The Book of Mormon Musical Street Contacting


You guys are having so much fun. (Cousins are here for two days...) I love hearing about it all. I don't have a ton of time here today, so I'm going to jump right in.
This week was crazy and so fun. The Book of Mormon musical was in town, and sister Hirschi and I got to go three times. It was awesome. We got to bed at twelve forty one night, another at eleven forty or something. It was totally crazy! Since that was our main focus this week, and since we had such late nights, our other days were not quite as good, and lots of people were not there. All we did this week was the play, and then just member work. At the play we handed out cards to people as they went in and told them we were giving out real copies of the book after the play. Then we just passed out cards the whole Tim, and we sing hymns to all the w,piers during the intermission. And then we handed out books to everyone when it was over. We were stationed at corners and down the road very carefully. It was so fun. We had some awesome conversations. I did pretty well at not being shy and just going for it.
The first night we got there a little early and so we walked a bit down Beal street, and we met this guy who said we weren't Christians. It was pretty funny, he as talking about casting out Devils and all that kind of stuff. Memphis is so crazy. Another time another sister and I were put together, and this guy came up and said that there was no other testament of Jesus Christ, and we had to be careful and rethink our lives. Then he prayed with us that we would recognize our wrongs and find he right path. It's sad when you meet people who are not excited to think that there is more scripture. But I am glad that he cared enough to try to help us, even though he was wrong. One of the best things was when we met this lady who when we talked about the book with her she asked for one and she was so excited to read it that she was bouncing in her shoes. It was so cool to she that kind of excitement to learn.
It was an amazing week, and I really wish I had time to say more, but I do not. I love you guys. Good luck to the Felts on finding a house, congratulations on the house (if I haven't said it yet), and just keep being the best family and friends anyone could have! I love you!! 
.... Pics of the week:

This was my crazy fun week (no selfie from the third day) it was so awesome,
once in a lifetime experience. So good.

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