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Monday, March 28, 2016

Extra post by MOM

This is NOT Kimberly's letter for the week, but a post by her mom.

Posted by Richard Floyd on the Arkansas Little Rock Mission Moms FB page, together with several beautiful photo collages:

"...in the spirit of President Ezra Taft Benson's challenge some years back to "flood the earth" with The Book of Mormon, the missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of the Arkansas Little Rock Mission did just that in Memphis this past week! Over 2,000 copies of The Book of Mormon were shared with attendees of the Book of Mormon musical, as well as others passing by the Orpheum Theatre (March 15-20). Thanks go to some 230 members who shared copies of their written testimonies which were duplicated and inserted in every copy of the 2,000 books. Over 6,000 pass-a-long cards were also distributed! Sixty-four missionaries serving in the two Memphis zones participated in this grand endeavor, with an average of 14 to 20 assisting at each of the eight shows for approximately 5 hours for each one. Heartfelt appreciation for each of the eight wards who provided meals for the missionaries!
Many tender spiritual moments were experienced by the missionaries as they shared their testimonies of The Book of Mormon, the Savior and His Church restored! The response from most of the theatre patrons was simply amazing! May we all pray that those who have received or will order a copy of The Book of Mormon will follow the invitation found in Moroni 10:4-5 and will seek to know for themselves the truthfulness of this sacred volume of scripture!"

I found our missionary in this collage EIGHT times - can you find them all?
I'm so grateful she got to be part of that marvelous experience. The missionaries did a lot of singing of hymns, which was a powerful testimony to many attendees. Missions are the greatest!
Then I got a couple of texts on Thursday evening while I was at a school production, and not recognizing the phone number, I didn't take it until intermission. Then this is what I found!

Kimberly and Blake quilting. :) [LB]

Me: This is WONDERFUL! Is this from a member of my daughter's ward? Thank you!!!

Her: Yes. I'm the self designated Ward Mom for all the missionaries. LOL. Your Very Welcome. [LB]

Me: Again, thank you for mothering our girls! I'm so glad that you shared. I'm crying right now, during the intermission of a school play (the one my daughter wanted to see.) I don't cry over her often. She LOVES quilting.

Her: Awe, she's tearing up, with a smile on her face. They had to leave. :)

Me: :) Bye Kimber!

Big sigh!!

I'd heard of this happening, especially stateside, but whew.

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