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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Baptisms and Gold

Sorry this is a day late, folks. I was sick over the weekend, and was still getting over it yesterday, so postponed this posting until today. All is well, not to worry...

A random field that we thought would be more exciting because of an interesting looking path. Such a let down :p


It's ok that you don't have any notes, dad sent me some. They were pretty good. I'm sorry that you've been sick. You know...(she appreciates the mail she gets from her some of her brothers.)

This week was busy as always. We pushed Ts date back a week because we wanted to be sure that he was ready, so now he's actually getting baptized on the 6th, along with a bunch of the Elders' investigators. But we did have a baptism on Saturday, a grandma and a granddaughter. It was amazing. So wonderful to see them making covenants with God. It was great. 
I've been trying to improve my personal studies, it's coming slowly. I'm still working on the lesson points. It's really crazy to think that my first transfer is almost over. The time really does fly. I'm learning so much, and improving myself a ton. I'm learning to really change myself to be more Christlike. At least that is what I am focusing on right now. I'm learning to better love those around me. 
It's super weird spending all day every day with a girl. I can say something like "this house is so cute!" and she'll agree with me. I'm so used to boys and their indifference to such frivolous things that when I "indulge" if that's event the right word, in girly moments it's really refreshing. (Now it's her mom that stuck with the bunch of boys...come visit me girls!)
I have had a lot of opportunities to serve. There is a sister in our ward who likes to have the missionaries come help at her gym. And we've helped clean the church. We offer to help out a lot, but nobody actually asks for it. 
That part member family, the husband, he's totally awesome!! We had stake conference last Sunday, and he came to that. We were getting a new stake presidency, (and our bishop actually got called to the position of the first counselor by the way) and there was an area seventy there. He was talking about the power of conversion in the Book of Mormon. I really wish I had takes notes, it was incredible. So we walk into our lesson on Tuesday with this investigator, and he tells us that he is ready to be baptized. We're like, "What! No way!" We weren't even going to ask him to be, we were just going to teach him what we believe. This guy is totally awesome. We learn later from his brother in law that he has a big thing for coffee, and he said that J (the investigator) was not going to give it up. So we planned to skip lesson three and teach about he Word of Wisdom the next time we meet. So we walk into our lesson on Saturday, and his wife says that he's been reading about the Word of Wisdom. Just out of the blue he started studying it while they were driving to Louisiana this week. And we're like, "What! Now way!" All over again. He's always one step ahead of us, just preparing for the next lesson by following the prompting a of the Spirit. This guy is totally golden. He is basically teaching himself. Now they are going to be out of town a lot this month so we had to set a date for the beginning of April. I just hope that we will still be here, and I'm pretty sure we will be. President Walkolo has pretty much said that we will be here for a while. 
This week is walk week. So we will not have a car, and it's going to be awesome! I don't know how we're going to get to a lot of our appointments yet, but as we plan and coordinate with members, the Lord will provide a way. This will be my first walk week, at the end of my first transfer. Always with the new experiences.
I love you all, me thanks for your letters of support. Keep me in the loop with all that is going on, and don't hesitate to send a random letter by snail mail, it's fun to get.
Love, Kimber 

Everything in italics was added by Mom B.

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