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Monday, May 15, 2017

Man, those shoes were yellow

He was so excited!
(Ok, so that was Sister Brumett's title, but it fits.) This week was crazy! A lot happened.
  • We helped our investigators move into their new house with a general authority
President Wakolo, who is now a general seventy, showed up for a baptismal interview with them and they drove up with a truck load of stuff, (it was the first time we'd been to their new house) and we started helping them move things inside. The mom is super proud of that house too. She was showing us some of the perks of this new one. It was so fun. And we had a lesson planned, and it was going to be beautiful, but then she had to leave to continue bringing more things from their other house, so we ran outside. And started working on his baptismal record through the door. Then after another truckload appeared without her after we brought the stuff inside, we started kind of teaching one of their sons with President. That was fun. But then he had to go back and get more stuff, so President decided to just do the interview and then we'd give the lesson later. So we went knocking, and found two amazing people, and one of them really needed the message of the gospel rig

ht then, he needs to feel God's love now more than ever, Heavenly Father put us where He needed us. It was so good. 
Book of Mormon class!!!
  • We prayed for an elect (investigator?) one day and asked that they be wearing yellow shoes, and the lady we met had on bright yellow tennis shoes. She's really cool, we're excited to start working with her. 
  • We baptized our investigator!!! It was beautiful, and he loved it. Also his confirmation was amazing. It was beautiful. 
  • Sister Brumett sang at his baptism and he totally cried! It was gorgeous. And he called her an angel! She is so talented!
  • Skype home, (love y'all) that was so fun, I love my family.
  • Survey for finding!!! It works and its beautiful! We found some really nice people with it, it still needs tweaking, but it's amazing.
Mostly that's what happened. It was such a good week. And super busy too. I love it here! 
Love y'all! 
Sister Beckstrand
Also, an amazing scripture I found this week: 

Psalms 42:11 (43:5)  "?..I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God." 

I love it because it is so true, and super beautiful to think about. The closer I am to my God, the healthier and brighter and beautiful my countenance is. ❤️ 

Most everyday we sent out a mass text to the people we are working with, and this was the one yesterday. (Mothers' Day)

So you get this one too...

Sister Beckstrand

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