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Monday, May 30, 2016

Our Little Girl Was Baptized and All is Well!!

This week has been so good. And really bad. No members kept any appointments to come out with us except Jaimie...on Sunday. That was it. It was really sad. {From what I've heard, that's very unusual for that ward!)  But other than that this week was incredible!!!We had a baptism!!!!! Rosie is the cutest thing ever! She is part of a less active family, and we've been teaching her for the past few weeks. She is nine years old and our little girl. We always feel like her mom at church, all three of us., because her family doesn't have a car so we find her a ride and take care of her at church. Her grandma is an amazing woman who is coming back to the church. She was excommunicated, but she has the strongest testimony, and she wants to come back so bad! After Rosie's baptism we went by the next day and she told us she had picked a date for her to be re-baptized!!!  I love that family!! They are amazing.

The family that we thought was made anti last week is not. We had a wonderful lesson with them and they are so incredible. So ready for the gospel. The mom had said to us that she doesn't drink or smoke or go to clubs or any of those things, and she said that even though other moms or women her age do not have her morals she's ok with it because she knows it's right. They got to go to a primary activity on Saturday where all the families with primary kids were, and we were so excited for her to meet all the other young moms in the ward with her exact morals and standards. They all loved it! Then they came to church. She told us that the pastors wife of their church had called them and asked them to come back to church, and she got in the car with all the kids and asked them if they wanted to go to that church or to ours. They kids begged to come to this one! We also had a really good lesson with another family is week about families forever because the mom is still really upset about a lost son that happened about seven years ago. They said they would come to church, and they totally did! Afterward when we talked to her she said it was goo, but she seemed a little hesitant. But a little bit later she texted and said that her daughters loved it and wanted to come back next week!

The Primary is killing it! Rosie got confirmed in primary because she was late to church. We missed that, but we love the though of all those primary kids being there for it. Especially all our investigators children. The kids really feel it. The mom with the six kids said that her kids probably like feeling the "good environment" at church!! They all recognize it. The kids are the ones that are getting the families so into it. I love all these  families so much! All these kids are adorable and my favorite people ever! And Rosie is our little girl, we do all the mom things at church. I did her hair, sister Hirschi picked her up from primary, Sister Havran made  sure she knew where to go. Even her little cousin that lives with them. She is also our little girl at church. We just adore these kids.

Teaching families is the best!! It is so amazing to picture them all in with baptismal jumpers, and even in temple cloths for their sealing. I can see it for all of them. I love it!

Love Kimber

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