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Monday, May 23, 2016

Stolen car? New investigators! A family to pray for...

Okay, so her i-pad must be auto-correcting her words, because I had trouble understanding parts of this email! I'll guess, but who knows if I get what she intended to say...

It's the south!
It has been such a good week. We have so many people to teach, and we can totally see the Lord's hand in it all. One time we were teaching a lesson to a little girl who is getting baptized this week, and a bunch of the [newborn old kiss] [neighborhood kids?] that we are friends with came running in and said that there was a cop outside at our car giving us a ticket. So we quickly ended the lesson (luckily it was over already and we were about to wrap up) and went to see what was up. It turned out that the people who's house we parked in front of called the cops because there are a lot of stolen cars that get left around that neighborhood and they weren't sure whose it was and they didn't want to get in trouble for it if it was stolen. So we cleared it up, and just talked to them and the police man for a while. Now we are teaching the family that had called the cops in us. It's crazy how the lord works right?

Also, last Sunday we had a huge family come to church, a mom and her six kids. They have been our top investigators for the last couple weeks and have baptismal dates for next month. They all loved it, and when they left they said bye and we will see you Thursday. Wednesday was their baby's birthday, and her husband was supposed to come home. We were really excited to meet him. We texted Wednesday to wish the baby happy birthday. It was all good. Then they cancelled our appointment Thursday morning, and they wouldn't answer our texts or phone calls. We got really worried that maybe she had been turned anti by someone. We weren't sure what to do because we didn't want to pressure her into never talking to us again. On Saturday we decided to go by her house to see what was up. We knocked, and her husband came out, we asked for her and he went in to get her. When he came back he told us that she had said that she was busy and couldn't come out. The whole time kids were peeking out the window and younger siblings lifting up in the door to wave and say hi. We got in the car and were certain that we were never going to see her again. We kept praying about her and texted her Sunday morning to remind her about church in case she happened to want to go. As we were planning that night we felt like we should just call her one more time. So we did, but she didn't pick up. A minute later we got a call from her, as soon as we answered the phone hung up. After a minute, she called again. We picked up and she said she was so sorry that she hadn't been able to get back to us and that thing had been so busy with her husband coming home and him having to leave again. And we set up an appointment for later this week. Prayers answered! We are so happy.

It really has been a great week. So many amazing things happened. Like running down the road after somebody we wanted to give a card to, only to find out he's Mormon. And going out to eat, making contact with a referral and having some awesome bbq at the same time. And Jimmy continuing to be one step ahead of us all the time. It's so amazing.

Love Kimber

Mud masks!!

Us and some of our babies :)

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