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Monday, September 26, 2016

😰 No more walking!

So this week was a little rough. First, we ran out of miles. Little Rock is so far that living there took a big toll on our miles before we moved. So we walked, for three days we did pretty good walking to all the places we needed to go. First, we walked all the way from our apartment along Warden Road to a road about 2.8 miles away. That took about an hour. Then that night we walked 1.5 miles to the church, which took 30 minutes and then to dinner, 0.9 miles for about 20 minutes and then home, 2.7 miles which was another hour. Then the next morning we walked back to the church 3.5 miles away from our apartment, that took 1 hour and 20 minutes. We were on time for our ride to lunch. But completely exhausted and overheating a little bit. We were finding for all that time, but Sister Esplin's ankle did not like it and it was hurting her pretty bad, so we got permission for more miles and no walk week, but we have to be super sparing about it and ride with members whenever possible. But no more walking, doctor's orders. Sprained ankles cause problems as a missionary, but Sister Esplin is a trooper getting the work done even though it hurts. Over all in those two days we walked 11.4 miles in 4 hours of walking this week. We were so sore and tired. It was fun though. We feel like we accomplished a lot.

Then it turned out we had been handing out Spanish cards all along. Oh what a week! Also, all the people we have been teaching have disappeared. So we are officially starting over again. It's kind of funny, our focus now is all finding, but we're not supposed to walk... ☺️ Well, we'll just take it slow and knock every house on streets we feel inspired to go to.

We've been doing a lot of RCLA (recent convert/returning member) work lately. We have more  lessons with them than investigators. We have found great success with them so far.

It was a good week, but no exciting stories to tell, sorry. The women's broadcast was really good, and out recent convert, Donna, came to that. It was great.

Love y'all!
Sister Beckstrand
Walking in the Arkansas heat...
...we are so tired. (But still smiling!)

Poor Sister Esplin! :(

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