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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Testimonies and miracles

Hey all! It's been a crazy week, on Monday we lost sister Evans :( so we spent this week figuring out our lives without her. We're finally getting it by the end of  the week. It's also really weird to be in a duo companionship rather than a trio ;) So we should be moving hopefully tomorrow, but at least this week. So we're still in the transfer apartment. And training has been fun. It's not that bad, especially  since Sister Esplin is such an amazing missionary already. It's like she's  pre-trained. It's been really good.

Also this week, there are 21 more new missionaries!! And the apartment we are in right now just so happens to be the transfer apartment. So there were five other sisters staying there besides us. And we had to drive them to and from the church in the morning and at night. It's a good thing we have the van. (And hopefully we are moving sometime this week.) Then on Thursday when they sent all the new missionaries out to their areas with their trainers, they had to take 26 people to the Memphis side, and so they took our car; so we had an extra walk day. Then they kept the car all day, so we ended up helping out in the office a bit dealing with the new missionaries paperwork. It was really fun. I actually like the tedious office work. Is that weird? I like it though. Then this week we finally saw an investigator that we haven't been able to see for a couple weeks, and she had a baptismal date for really soon. And she came to church! We are really excited to be working with her again.

It was a good week, it took a few days, but we are back on our feet figuring things out. This week has been full of learning and miracles. Also, I have seriously loved the things I've been reading in the Book of Mormon this week. I read a lot of prophets testimonies, and the blessings they see in their lives and those of the nation they are with. It's really cool to see the things that are important to them and how in the hard time they always saw how God used it for the good of the people.

One big miracle this week happened yesterday, so starting at the beginning, our first week here we saw a less active couple, we only saw the wife for a minute and then she went into the room because she wasn't feeling good, and her husband told us that she never stayed when the missionaries came over, that she might have some beef with the church or something, but he's not sure. Now he would be at church if he could drive, but he can't anymore, and he doesn't want to push her so he doesn't come. So, for all of last transfer I've been
periodically thinking of her and praying for some opportunity to serve her and be able to talk to her. Then yesterday we finally felt like it was a good time to go back and see this couple again. When we came he welcomed us in, and as we walked in we saw his wife in the office printing a bunch of papers for school. She teaches kindergarten, and we got talking about it, (Sister Esplin is going into elementary education). We were able to have a nice long conversation with her. Just standing there and talking about her life. Then we asked if we could leave a thought after about half an hour or fourth five minutes, and she came out of the office and we all sat on the couch and we read 2 Nephi 32:9. They both really liked it. And before we left we gave them our number and told her to call us if she ever needed service of any kind. She said she would when she started cutting out stuff for school. My prayers have been answered!! We were able to talk to her, we build a good relationship and, more specifically, we found a way to serve her!!! It was great. I'm so excited.

It's been a great week.

Love Kimber
Sister Beckstrand

Image result for happy birthdaySo I emailed her back and asked if anybody knew it was her birthday, and whether she'd gotten the package we sent her. I got this back: 

Thank you! Ya, people know it's my birthday. The whole office sang to me this morning. It was fun. One of our investigators wants to make a cake with us today. It's been really fun. Sister Esplin sang me all the birthday songs in the children's songbook. It was really fun. 

That really soothed my mother-heart that someone else was remembering her, and singing to her since we can't. Then a few minutes later I got an email from the mission secretary saying that a package had arrived but had been opened. She described what was inside, and I wrote back, "The fudge is missing! Too bad!" Then I got this:

Ok, the fudge did come, and I opened the package because it was a little ripped, and I stuck the fudge in the fridges do then left the package on the table next to sister Hugentobler's desk all weekend so I wouldn't be tempted to open my presents. And the fudge was in the office fridge because I haven't wanted it to melt in the car because we are so far away from our apartment right now. 

Then tonight at a RS activity, a sister from my ward turned to me and said, "I saw your daughter on Sunday!" Turns out she had gone to visit her brother and his family in North Little Rock and she recognized Kimberly there!! What a small world when you are in the Church.

I'm enjoying getting two sides of the story lately since I found Sister Esplin's blog! Now with this link, Kimberly will eventually be able to read it too!

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