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Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas! 🎁🎄

Wow, what a week! Who knew that missionaries were so popular at Christmas. As Sister Ellis said, "I've probably gotten more presents this year than I normally so back home." Holy cow! We got so much from our families and from members, and even investigators! I'm telling you, it was a shock that we even had stuff to open yesterday morning. But, it was a lot of fun... 

We also had a really great week just teaching people. We got to teach a lady that we have been trying to get in with for a whole transfer, and we had a great lesson with her. She just wants to understand what we have to share, and I'm so excited for her to learn more about the gospel. It's so good. We were also able to finally talk to a couple investigators about our purpose, a talk we have been avoiding for the last one or so. It worked out very well, and they are still willing for us to come over and teach them. It is a huge relief to talk to them about that.

This week the zone had a challenge:
Go CHRISTMAS CAROLING to as many people you can this week and when everybody opens the door, State the Quote "The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear" and then Sing your heart out loud
🔹Text it out to Zone when you have completed  the challenge!! Adios & Have FUN Y'all! 

We got 21 throughout week. It was a lot of fun. And it was a nice door approach. It was a really fun week.

I have super loved looking at all the Christmas decorations all week, well all season really. I feel like if anyone was trying to judge people's Christmas decorations for their house/yards, they should just have the missionaries do it because were walking around comparing anyway. And we defiantly knock on our favorite doors. We saw some pretty cool stuff. People go all out down here. I love it. 

I also really enjoyed the opportunity to finish reading the Book of Mormon on Christmas Eve. It was really funny when we walked into the Book of Mormon class Wednesday and nobody was there except Brother Lane, the guy who teaches the class, and we were debating whether or not to stay, but I mentioned that I'd been reading Ether a lot lately, and I had been loving it, and hen we spent the next hour talking about mostly Ether and how incredible that book is, and by the end we were starting to branch out to the rest of the Book of Mormon. It was so good. The elders walked on about halfway through. It was a really good hour to learn from each other, and to get the opinion of Brother Lane. He has studied the scriptures a lot, and he has a lot of great insights. One question he posed was why there were so many wars in the Book of Mormon. And having just read about all the wars in Ether, I thought about how is there we can see what Heavenly Father means when His prophets prophecy destruction, we can see the blindness of the people, we can see what got them to that point, how the destruction comes, what it takes to get over everything. It is just a road map of the important things to avoid, and to understand the way that everything works. It was an eye opening experience as we discussed it all. 

I love reading the Book of Mormon, for all of you who know me and know that I can't leave the house with some sort of book in my hands, I'm telling you that the Book of Mormon has been the best book by far. And the Bible is fighting hardcore for that place. Everything in there is so interesting. There is so much light and understanding about life and God and everything that matters in life in those two books it blows my mind every time I contemplate it. I love it! 

Anyway, I love y'all, Merry Christmas, 
🎄Kimber 🎄

Sister Beckstrand


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