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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fun, Fun, Fun!

This week was so fun! We baptized D__!! And he loved it. He said that he really felt the difference. It was so cool to see how much he recognized and felt what he was doing.

They are the best!
Also, this week when we went to visit him a couple nights before his baptism his grandson who lives with him that we are also kind of teaching was really drunk. It was a super funny experience. And it really strengthened my testimony of the word of wisdom. And then later that night we went and played volleyball and at one point a lady hurt her knee, and it was so amazing that we all just stopped and gave her a blessing right then and there and were able to do that. In no other church and with no other group of people would hat be possible. And all those that were prepared and worthy to give a blessing were just able to jump up and offer that. No warning or anything. I just love moments like that, except for the part where someone is hurt.  

When we were finishing and printing off the program for the baptism!

Sister Fifield is still super fun. We laugh at everything. It's super fun to work with her.

All week I've just been jumping around in PMG  (Preach My Gospel, the missionary instructions book) and the Book of Mormon. It has been so wonderful to read all over in PMG. I learned so much about everything, and I just wish I could talk like PMG does. I don't have anything specific that I learned, but I learned a lot about how truly inspired that book is. I loved it!

Also, on Thursday, all the exciting stuff happened Thursday except the baptism, w E__ a deaf day and went up to North Little Rock and Sherwood (my old stomping ground!) and saw a bunch of deaf people! And I got to see D__!! And even C__! (D__, the recent convert sister, and C__, a reactivated less active sister that I found) it was so neat to see them and say hi! I love those people. It was a fun week. 

Love y'all! 

Sister Beckstrand

Also, I ran into sister Lloyd in NLR (we were both getting tiwi -?- replaced
and she told me that B__ got baptized!!!!!
It was so cool to hear that. I love her!

On FB from Sister Houston in K's ward - Loved having our sisters over last night --they joined us for dinner & a family night on family rules & order and shared some fun growing up stories :)Sisters Beckstrand and Fifield in Little Rock Ward (ASL Sisters)!  

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