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Monday, March 27, 2017


Look! I'm an ASL missionary!
Ok people, this week was nuts! We had transfers a week early because of the three new ASL missionaries, and it was such a busy week getting all that done. Sadly, I lost Sister Fifield. But my greenie is amazing, so it's more ok. He name is Sister Brumett. And she is from Minnesota. She loves the gospel, and she has an incredible fire for sharing the gospel, and has so many good ideas for sharing it. I see great things in her future.  And she is so excited to find and teach deaf people. And it is still so fun to be signing all the time.

This area is so great. We found a new investigator this week, and he is so golden! He also came to church yesterday, and he loved it! He said he felt the spirit the whole time we were there. And he really wants us to come back this week. It has been a fun week, and there is so much potential in those we are working with. We are teaching this woman who is so great, she told us that she laughs when she feels good, and when we taught her the plan of salvation she kept laughing all through it, and she loved the whole thing. After we taught her the lesson we asked her to explain it back to us and she went through it and got all the most beautiful parts so well. She talked about living with God before, and we come her to follow Christ, and the spirit world the good people go up and the bad people can learn and go up, and she remembered that temples are where we help them, and she remembered everything. It was so great to see her retain that and get the feelings from it. And she said that she really wants to be baptized! She has a date for this next month, and she is so excited.

This week I've been studying the feelings that are needed in conversion and as a missionary facilitating that. I was doing a study in PMG ch.4 that was really interesting. I've always loved 2 Nephi 4, but this week I was looking at it and realizing that that is how conversion needs to feel. It's interesting to see that in D__ (new convert?) as he's been continuing to learn, he really wants to be better and he is getting better. I love the depth of the emotion that Nephi expresses in Nephi, and that the sons of Mosiah feel in Mosiah 28. They were so desperate to become better and to help others be better. It made me want to be that kind of desperate. And it has been really fun to talk to Sister Brumett about the gospel and about what would be good for people and we both get so excited to share it with them because we know it will bless them.

I just love this gospel! I love being able to share it with everyone, and I love the people here! It's amazing!

Love y'all!
Sister Beckstrand
Our last morning as companions! I'll miss her!!

So I saw this pic on FB and downloaded it to share with K and she sent back this: You know what's funny?
Trainers & Trainees! This picture was taken on my iPad, it was originally going to just be us in the back row,  it it kept moving forward to get more people in it and because we had a bad angle that it just ended up in the front by the time the picture was taken. It was  really fun. Especially when president was squished in a rather roomy van full of sisters. It was so fun. 
That's my companion! I love her!

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