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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I'm right by the temple now 💗
Look at these flowers!

I love Bartlett!! It's so fancy here! And Sister Anderson is AMAZING!!!!!! It's crazy to realize how long I've been out, and how much I still have to learn. President Wakolo leaves this week, and we will miss him so much! This week was strange and super long, but as usual it's over before we knew it. I have met so many people, and they are amazing. Heavenly Father loves to keep me busy, we got super overloaded at church yesterday with so many people we had to talk to, and so many people that came that we wanted to meet and get to know. There was a missionary homecoming yesterday and he had a ton of friends there. It was fun because he actually got called to sign halfway through his mission, so he needed us to go welcome some of his friends who came a little late so he told me from the other side of the chapel in the middle of the opening hymn that we needed to go help them. Via sign language. It was fun. Plus his friends are great. Seriously, sign language is a super power! Plus there were a few random run ins with members from past areas. At church there were two couples from Millington. That was fun. Then on Saturday we got to go help clean the temple. And I saw some members from Otter Creek, and I saw a lady from Mountain View. Who knew? I love this place. Also Saturday was just plain amazing. We decided to take a walk day that morning, so we had a member pick us up for a lesson we were having in her home. It's funny because that is the bishop's wife, and we had a lesson with a part member family and another family came to support them. That was a lesson just like one from the district. In the bishop's home too. It was so cool. The bishop here is amazing! He is so ready to help. Also, this is the first time I've ever had a bishop who was able to give us a bishop's blessing my second day here, have a lesson in his home that he set up with the investigators, and then have us over for dinner again later that day. This guy is amazing. He's great (he also doesn't have any kids at home, that might help). Also Saturday we went to go talk to a guy who is married to a less active, and on the doorstep we asked him if he's read the Book of Mormon, yes. and he wants to come back to church. What does he know about Joseph smith? Not much, just everything about his vision and how he translated the Book of Mormon and how Jesus used him the re-establish his church. You know, just everything. So do you believe he's a prophet? Yes. Have you prayed about it? Yes. Seriously? Yes. Do you want to be baptized? Yes. So we set a date with him right there on his doorstep. He's amazing.

Then on Thursday we had prayed to find a new investigator and have a lesson that we did not plan for. Then Heavenly Father answered our prayers with a beautiful woman and her cute little boy. She was talking about stuff with who God and Jesus are, and it didn't really make sense, but we share the first vision with her and when we talked about what Joseph Smith saw (JS-H 1:16-17) her face lit up. Then when she said the closing prayer she thanked God for sending the ladies to give her answers she's been searching for for a very long time. She's amazing!! 

Those are just a few of the miracles this week. There were many more, but John 21:25 says it perfectly. The Lord is good (D&C 33:7-15). And Sister Anderson is wonderful. He birthday was yesterday! She just turned 20!!!!!! So we had a lot of fun yesterday. 

I love this! AND........Sister H. got baptized yesterday!!!!! I had to leave right before it, but she is beautiful! And I am so excited and happy for her! She is beautiful. It was such a fun week. 

Love y'all! 
Sister Beckstrand

From Sis Brummett's email about their investigator baptism:
She has been waiting so long and it was so worth it! (D&C 20:37)The baptism was beautiful and the Spirit in the room was the strongest I have felt in a while. So many people came to support her. Beautiful talks were given and beautiful music was sung! C was glowing! You could tell how happy she was after her baptism! I love her with all my heart, and I cannot wait to see her grow in the true church of Christ! (I swear, she's going to become a Young Women's president.)

Look at that hair! 

Happy Birthday Sister Anderson!

The gospel of Jesus Christ!
Look at that sunset! Can you see us?

Happy fourth of July in a week!

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