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Monday, June 5, 2017

Miracles!! A little divine intervention...

Church, us and Sister Phillips (the sweetest woman ever!)
There were some pretty neat miracles this week. One time the Lord made our phone quit working for a couple hours, which was pretty annoying, but then it turned out that that needed to happen for our miracle. (Silly missionaries, don't you know that when inconvenient things happen it's because Heavenly Father wants something important to happen?) We hadn't been able see our investigator for several days, we really needed to see her because it had been so long since we'd taught her, we were having to push her baptism a couple weeks (her original date was going to be last Saturday 😕) so she could prepare. This is a really busy woman. She'd missed her appointment, we'd just had dinner, and we had to decide to go see her or go to Book of Mormon class where we just might be needed to interpret for class and our dumb phone didn't have any service to see if we were needed. So we decided to just go see her instead and be late for Book of Mormon class. We were also really on edge about the lesson plan we had because we had to tell her she couldn't be baptized in a few days. So we prayed really hard and asked for a stupor of things wouldn't come out right, and we decided to read Moroni 6 with her. I just love that chapter, it is so good! So we went in and read it and talked about what it outlines for a person to do to get baptized, and then we talked about how that applies to things she needs to do, what we have to help her do... all the things we as missionaries do, and then we talked about haw she will need a little more time to get everything done so she will be prepared for baptism. It was beautiful, and she is amazing because when we said we wouldn't be able to have that happen on the original date she said "okay, when's the next date I can be baptized on?" This woman is amazing!!!! I love her and her family! Then we left that beautiful lesson and went to Book of. Mormon class for that last fifteen minutes, and as we come in, there are two deaf members there and they totally waited for us so that we could interpret for them. They'd even calling and texting us, and we'd gotten none of it because Heavenly Father wanted us somewhere else, and when we got there our phone started working again. That was really fun.

Another time this week we were walking to an investigator's house in an apartment complex and we saw his lady and said hi, but we kept walking and then she called us back over and asked for a pamphlet or something if we were giving things out. So we had a really good conversation with her, she's neat, I hope we are able to see her again soon.

This whole week was full of things like that. We've had so many wonderful things happen. This place is the best. And this week we are having ASL exchanges, so I'm going to Southaven for a couple, days with Sister Vaitai!!! I'm super excited! Plus I'm excited to learn from Sister Vaitai. It's just so amazing here, I get a front row seat to he miracles of the gospel in people's lives. It's wonderful.

Love y'all!
Sister Beckstrand
We have fun skyping with the other sisters for language Study.

From Sis Brummett's email, including a story that Kimberly left out...

There were a lot of miracles this week!!!!

ROBERT IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!! (He is the deaf man we are teaching over skype.) He is so fantastic and I love him so much!!!! During our lesson with him this week, we talked about the Lord's plan for us; that we lived with Heavenly Father before we came here (Romans 8:16-17) and we want to be able to live with Him again after we die. (Moroni 7:41) We told Robert that we need to be baptized by proper authority so that we will be able to get back home. We asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said "yes! I want my sins to be removed!" After the lesson, he said the cutest prayer which went something like this: "Oh God, I want to be baptized so my sins can be removed. Thank you." I LOVE THIS HUMBLE MAN!!!!

We are going to be teaching the lessons to an adorable part-member family!!! The daughter, Amarie, is 10 and she loves the Lord with all her heart! As we were leaving, she walked up to us and said "Do you know what else I love about Jesus? He died for me. It was hard but it was worth it." I said, "because you're worth it, Amarie." I love how much the Savior loves us and he truly suffered that much for us because we are worth it; each and every one of us.

We were walking around an apartment complex when we heard someone say "this might be an awkward question, but do you have a pamphlet or something?" Her name is Aris and she is adorable! We did indeed give her a pamphlet along with the whole "Mormon starter pack" haha. (Card, pamphlet, Book of Mormon...) We hope to visit her again this week!
Waiting for the Sisters to get on Skype for language Study,
bags that Sister Breaux made for us, and SisB and I being goons!!

Some fun in the rain!
Sister B and I are making some cool wall art! We are almost done!

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