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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The "One and Only MTC P-Day" Letter/s

Hi Mom!!
No I never did go on trek, and I did get to go to the temple today, it was really great. Sister Fogg had not been able to go since she was endowed, so she had a fun time with me. I was a really neat experience. I won't get any more p-days until I'm in the mission field, so get ready to wait for a while. I did get two "Dear Elders", (www.dearelder.com, a free same day delivery service provided to the Provo MTC). I don't know if you sent more yet, but I love getting them. Just so you know, I only get an hour on the computer, so send snail mail as much as possible, I have a better chance of getting to it, and through it all.
Amanda said something to me before I left, she said that as a missionary you are on two timelines, the Eternal one and the physical one. she said that while you are focusing on the spiritual aspects, time means nothing, and goes by so fast, and the physical is everything so it feels slow. Or something like that. I really get it though! It's only been a week and it feels like it's been so long, yet no time at all. All the sisters in my residence feel the same. We were talking about it a bit ago. There are actually six of us in our residence, Sister Fogg and me, Sister Campbell and Sister Hunnington, and Sister Ward and Sister Decker. Sisters Fogg and Decker are going to Arkansas with me, if I haven't told you yet. It's been really fun getting to know these sisters. I don't need the earplugs, (we heard she might need them in the MTC to sleep,) we're all good, and it is easier to get up when the others are too. 
In our district I'm the laughing one. And when I laugh, I really LAUGH. Like red in the face and can't breath. The sisters call it that they "broke" me. It is really funny. (Amazing and fun to picture, huh?!)
The elders in my district are Elders Banks and Tenney, and Foster and Ray. They are super funny too. Let's just say that I laugh a LOT. We all have fun laughing and learning together.
Thanks for the (bottle of pickled) asparagus! and the fudge. It's really good. I dumped out most of the juice so it's lighter (in the asparagus).
You know that parable about the atonement where there were doughnuts and the kid had to do pushups so his class mates could get one?If you could, I would love a copy of it. (She is referring to The Parable of the Pushups.)
On Sunday we had a meeting with all the sisters about dress. Apparently, (...some of her clothes won't work, so she asked me to look for a few particular ones...) It would be awesome if you could send them to me. 
I'm nearly out of time, and I need to figure out how to do the picture thing still, so I'll send them as soon as I can. I'll spend a bit of time after I send this letter working on that, but I may not be able to get it to work. (As you can see, she figured it out for one picture at least!)

Love you!!!!

We all got our letters after 5:00 Wednesday afternoon, (after a whole week of anxious waiting for some of us!) I guess she hasn't learned how to consolidate the letter writing yet...come to find out, she wrote individual ones to Mom, Dad, and to each of her brothers - to each of us who sent her an email - all in less than an hour! Here's her Dad's:

Hi Dad!!!
Jonathan and Jason both wrote me about ... (family stuff)... Hours a day in class, about 2 sessions a day, 3-4 hours long- I think. It's a lot. It's really fun though. Things in the MTC that are easy are I guess, having grown up with you teaching about things that we can learn and get from the scriptures it is easier to do, and pay attention when others do it too. I also really like that we are learning from the scriptures so much. The Book of Mormon is my textbook!! Its awesome. Hard things are feeling like I can teach the investigators well, and not confuse them too much. But I'm learning, slowly. P-day is today, Wednesday, but my next one will be the Monday after the 26th. The food is good, there are lots of choices, so I just pick and choose. My district is District B, but Zone 36. Or vise versa, I'm still learning Lingo.
Hope I got everything, sorry I couldn't say more, I only have and hour.
Love you!!

(Everything in italics is added by Susan/Mom)

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