A missionary leaves her family for a short time, so that those she teaches may be with their families forever!”

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I made it!!

I'm officially here. In Arkansas. I made it!! My trainer is Sister Herschi (like the chocolate bar). She is really nice and super fun to be around. Apparently we are "whitewashing" our area. Which is both of us are new to the area. This area was an ASL area before we were transferred in. So I might be able to learn some ASL while I'm in that area.
I am seriously soooooo exhausted, getting up before two, and then flying all day. I'm a little lightheaded from all the new things that are happening. But this is where I need to be.  I'm excited to be here. I can't wait until all I think about is being here and wanting to have more time before I go home. 
Dad, thank you for all the years that you taught me things, about how to talk to people, your stories about you mission, and just helping me learn how to read the scriptures during family scripture reading. It has come in very useful. Thank you!!!
I love you all, Kimber

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