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Monday, February 1, 2016

First Area, First PDay, First Email!

Hey, it's good to get your letters. My address is ... Southaven, MS*
The humidity is not that bad, it's not even that cold, the felt coat is doing fine....
So my companion, Sister Hirschi is the same age as me, born 3 months later. She is really fun. She knows a lot too, I know I can learn a ton from her. It's pretty cool that you ran into someone from my mission. I still don't know a lot of people. I have a lot to learn still. I got a slight cold this past couple days, and so my brain is pretty fried by now. We did a lot of cleaning today, our apartment had a big mess in the corners of supplies for the mission, so we sorted through all that just barely. 
Yesterday we had an investigator.come to church! How awesome is that? His name is T__, and last year he was taught all the lessons and even had a baptismal date, but we don't know why, but that never happened. So we are going to get that set up for him. The ward here is really nice. They had a big fifth Sunday meeting yesterday third hour about the ward doing more missionary work. It was really cool. 
It turns out that we are whitewashing my first area. And it used to be an ASL area, so Sister Hirschi and I are going to have to learn it. It's a good thing I already know a little. Sister Hirschi knows nothing about it, but she is going at it in a way that makes me think that she will pass me up pretty soon. The only way I can stay ahead of her in by answering all her questions about it. I'm starting to remember a lot as we review stuff. 
Our apartment is huge. Two bed, two bath. We have to share a room, but we each have our own closet and bathroom. It's really big. Our kitchen is also pretty roomy, and we have a bit of a dining room, and our living room is quite spacious. There isn't much furniture, but we don't need it. We're never here to notice. 
Most of our time is spent trying to figure out our area, meeting with the members, strengthening our relationship with them. They are all very nice. They love to feed us. It's really fun to go meet all the members out here. There are a lot of people here for the optometry school that is in Memphis. It's so common that anyone who is a young family here from the west you can almost always guess that and you'd be right. 
Ok, I'm not sure what else to say, but if you write back before my time is up I may be able answer more things for you. (See below for some of that back and forth conversation!)
I just learned that I can read you letters during any down time I have during the week, I just can't reply. So go ahead and send more, just don't expect nearly as much in return :P
Love, Kimber
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Follow up emails for a few minutes:
Sent from your ipad! I was wondering about that... 
Hahaha, yea I got an iPad. It's pretty confusing trying to figure out all the apple software ;p
Is sister h a greenie too?
No, she's been out five months
That's a relief. My first comp was from my same MTC batch, it was crazy. I'm sorry you have had a cold. Thanks for the best letter! Praying for you! Love you, Mom
Ps any chance you could send more postum?
Hey, by the way, could you send me my ASL dictionary? It should be on my book case, I'm thinking bottom shelf

First email finally came - it was about 3:30 in the afternoon, AFTER I had left work. So much for watching email all day! I was in the carpool line picking up her brothers, and I thought to check my cell phone...there it was! Good thing, because then I was able to email back and forth with her for a few minutes.  Now that I'm at home, her dad is checking the area where she lives, counting the numerous churches in the area, noting how big the ward area is, etc. FUN! 
*If you want her mailing or email address, contact Mom B, or if you have her old phone number call that-but not during school hours please-her brother will answer it and tell you how to contact her mom.

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