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Monday, January 9, 2017


Ok, I can't take credit for that, (the title?) it was Sister Esplin, but I figured it would work for this weeks email. First off, I'm feeling so much better, thank you for all your prayers. Second, I LOVE MOUNTAIN VIEW!!!!! This place is amazing, and while I am desperately missing Millington, this place is great. We have three people that have baptismal dates, and two of them are for next week. They even came to stake conference yesterday. We got a new stake presidency here, so there were two members of the Seventy here, and they got to meet them! Even President and Sister Wakolo got to meet them. It was really neat. The other guy who has a date didn't have a car and the meeting was two hours away, and we had a hard enough time finding a ride there that I don't feel too bad that he wasn't able to come. Anyway, he'll be at church next week. I still have yet to meet this guy, but I've heard a lot about him from Sister Lloyd, and he seems pretty cool. His wife is a member that we've taken to a lesson this week. One of the few members I've met! Stake conference kind of messed that up, I still don't know anybody (except for the people that gave us rides, and the second counselor and his family because they fed us this week at the church, and then I briefly met the branch president at the gas station.) Did y'all catch that? Branch president. Yes, I'm in a branch. And I still don't even know how tiny it is because we have not had normal Sunday yet! I'm not bitter, it's just rough because we already have exchanges this week, and it's most likely going to be members with the new STL (sister-training-leaders). Oh, well, the members I've met so far are really nice. Plus, this area is HUGE, so yay for cars! And this week,,,

This went through our minds. But wait...

This is what we woke up to on Friday. What?!? I wasn't supposed to get snow my whole time here!! And it was freezing!!! Cold wet (humid?) is soooo much colder than dry wet. Utah is a breeze compared to this. My feet about fell off several times this week.

Sister Beckstrand & Sister Lloyd (who is from Livermore CA)

We had fun though.

That's my hobo look after freezing outside and sitting in front of the space heater. It was so cold, (maybe not as cold as Alaska). Anyway, it was fun this week. Lots of busy stuff, and walking in the freezing cold, talking to people on their front porch for forty minutes while my feet turn into blocks of frozen flesh, this is the life of a missionary. I love it 😍.

Love y'all!
Sister Beckstrand

So we had a back and forth discussion by email for a few minutes...

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