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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cream Cheese is the universal ingredient

Sister Lloyd & Sister Beckstrand

Sister Daily, maybe?
This week was a miracle week. We taught so many people, and set so many dates!! There are just so many prepared people here. I love Mountain View.

Sister Lloyd is really fun. We talk really well, and we agree on lots of things. It's been fun to laugh with her about stuff we do, think, what happens to us. All the things.

This week on exchanges Sister Daily came here and Sister Lloyd went to Searcy. It was a great experience to teach with Sister Daily. I loved how much she just shared the gospel whenever we talked to anyone. Even the waitress at dinner. It has inspired me to do better. Also, she had the goal to ask for referrals, and ever since three I've been better at asking for referrals than I have been my whole mission so far. It was a good exchange. And I learned so much.

One time this week we taught a restoration lesson with a young woman who is the friend of A, our investigator, and it went pretty well. We had two members there, recent convert and the Ward mission leader, and then S and A, the ones getting baptized this Saturday, there for her lesson. We even set a date with her! Then right as her lesson ended they wanted to have S and A's lesson because they couldn't make it to the appointment we set for the next day, and we hadn't prepared for their lesson yet. It was on the priesthood, and the rest of the points in lesson five they hadn't gotten yet. So we kind of just winged it. The Spirit helped a ton, and it ended up being a really good lesson. And it was really neat to have a big lesson on the priesthood with the new investigator there having just talked about the restoration. It was a fun experience.

By the way people, we have a double baptism this Saturday!!!! S and A are getting baptized this weekend! And they are so ready! I love them they are hey best. And so fun to teach and talk to. They have such strong testimonies it is so inspiring.

We also figured out that cream cheese works with everything. We've been trying to think of things that it would taste bad with all week, but so far we've found nothing. It literally goes with everything!

This week I have been thinking a lot about how the spirit works with people, and how Heavenly Father's hand is manifest in our lives. We have an investigator who is struggling big time recognizing that God is there, he can't recognize the blessing God has given him. It got me thinking, and as I studied and though about things I have gained a clearer understanding of the Lords hand in my life and in the works in general. I found the scripture in Moroni 7:12-13 where is says that all good things come from God, and anything that invite them and entice do good is from God. And then I realized even more that the Spirit is always talking, always encouraging us to be better. Always telling us things, in all the positive, enticing to do good thoughts. That Heavenly Father is so incredibly busy because of all the positive things in my life. His hand is so prevalent in the world that people miss it. They assume that it is just coincidence, or that providence is kind, or they're lucky, or that's just how life is, but really it's all a gift from God. Just because He loves us most of the time. Heavenly Father is the best!!!

Love y'all!
Sister Beckstrand

Evidence that they are in the South!

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