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Monday, July 4, 2016

Last Week, Hospital Week and FINALLY Back to Work!! Thanks Everybody!

Happy 4th of July!!

This week has been crazy. In fact the last two weeks have been nuts. Last week we talked to a guy named E for two and a half hours. He gave us a lot of dating advice, and him and his wife were so cute with each other it was gross. And they've been married for about 35 years. We literally stood on his lawn and talked for two and a half hours! It was so hot. So they sprayed us down with their hose and then she brought out ice water, and then some watermelon. They were really fun, and I now know a lot of dating advice.

Then one of our investigators has been having a really rough time of it, so we got her a blessing, and it was so cool. Her favorite word the last few months has been authority. It was really cool to see that. I'm excited to
continue to see how that will help her.

We also had a moment when we were going to an investigator's house for dinner when a bunch of cops  drove past us, they told us to turn around because there was a big disturbance down the road, so we had to go another way to our dinner that day. Guys, Memphis is crazy!!!

Then one of our top investigators tried to drop us, but we are still fighting for that. But we are really unhappy about the things she is saying. We have a lot of studying to do for her. (Prayers coming her way!) Then we had exchanges. They were really good, and we had a couple good lessons. And nothing super exciting happened after that.

Until Monday. That day I was super sick, actually I'd been feeling off since the morning of the exchanges. And it got progressively worse until all Sunday night I was definitely running a high fever. So that was a really uncomfortable night. One where I ended up in the hospital the next day. So this week I was in the hospital all week. Seriously, I got out Thursday night.

Then we hit the ground running. We visited a ton of people, and used a ton of miles. But there was nothing else really exciting all week. It was great. And I defiantly have the best companions. They did really good hanging out with me there and not going crazy.

It was a crazy week, but I'm glad to be back to missionary work, back to work. And seriously, nurse Thompson (mission nurse) is the best. It's been crazy. Thank you to all who's prayers I received. I needed them this week. Thank you for all you do, and thank you for who you are. Love y'all!!

Love, Kimber

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