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Monday, July 11, 2016

Look at me being all healthy!

I figured you might want some proof of my time there ;)
 This week was pretty busy. Monday we played volleyball as a district for 4th of July. It was really hot. We were invited to have dinner with the Johnsons who just moved here from Utah. Tuesday we had district meeting (because last week I was in the hospital so it didn't happen). It was walk week. Sis Parr took us to our next appointment and took us out to eat. Later that night Sister Pursur came with us to a couple people, and she also took us out to dinner, so that day we had two burgers. They were really good, but then we had to stop eating garbage. Wednesday we walked to Sister Pursur's and did some cleaning for her (Sister Wilson and I got really sunburned on that walk). Then we went to a dinner at the Lifforths, who also just moved into the ward. We got to go to ASL class this week, it's been a long time since we've been able to go. Also, to correlation, which has also been a while due to my being sick the previous week. On Thursday we had zone meeting. It was really good, and I learned a lot of stuff, lots of encouraging things. That evening we went to an investigator's house and Sister Havran cut the mom's hair while we talked . Then she gave us a ride to our next appointment. On the the way though, we found a couple dressers on the side of the road that we really wanted because the furniture in our apartment is pretty sad, so she helped us get it, but it had to stay at her house for a couple days.  Friday we walked around close to our apartment, and we found some pretty cool people. Also Bronzie drove by and gave us a ride to the people we were trying to see. Bronzie is so cool, I really like her. On Saturday we helped a member pack up her house for a while. That was fun. Then we were with one of our young women all afternoon and just went all over. She is so cool, she is thinking about a mission, but she's not sure yet. Then we went and taught a lesson to a little girl in the ward who is about to turn 8. Then we had dinner with a less active family. That night the Elders picked up the dressers in their truck and brought it over. All week we've been moving things around in the apartment to make it look more like a home than a hotel room. With the new dressers and a rug the elders didn't want it looks a lot better. It was really fun. So, no hospitals this week. That was a plus.

Also I had the best thing happen Sunday morning. I was in a meeting and we were about to wrap up when I looked behind me and saw Marie White!! My cousin!! It was crazy. Quite the pleasant shock. We had a lot of fun talking and catching up. The ward had fun meeting her and her husband, David. (David served his mission in the ALRM mission years ago, so on their roadtrip this summer they wanted to take in some of his old areas, including Memphis - and they decided to go to church in Kimberly's ward!). Then the rest of the day we had amazing lessons and lots of fun.
Sister Beckstrand with cousins, Marie & David White
We got these by text from Marie during our own Sacrament Meeting! Thanks, Marie!

Today had been an interesting day. We just finished playing volleyball as a district again, we also invited a couple others to play.

This morning we got the email that has the list of leaders and trainers for the next transfer. I'm training!! Trio training with Sister Evans, and we are pink-washing an area called Sherwood, (in Arkansas,) in the North Little Rock Zone. And Sister Hirschi is going to be one of my Sister Training Leaders. So, many changes starting next Monday.

I'm definitely freaking out a little bit, but I know it will all work out. I'm going to miss it here in Southaven. I love it here. I love all the people, but I know that God is in charge, and he's just giving me more people to love.

 Here's to me growing!!!

(Response to my quick questions back to her: Um, I'm not sure I'll be senior comp, we'll be in a trio and get the new sister on Tuesday next week. Don't know her name yet. And pink washing is basically whitewashing, like I did when I first got here where both of us were new, but we are replacing elders so it's "pink" washing.)

Look what I had for breakfast a couple days ago...
I also had fresh tomato toss a couple times. So good.
We had to throw him out. :( Goodbye Phil. :'(

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