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Thursday, July 21, 2016

My last week in Southaven...CRASH!

Most of our family was on Trek M-W of this week, including the normal delivery of Kimberly's email. I decided to take my phone, but kept it off most of the time, but we got to read her letter Mon night. :)
This week was full of goodbyes and craziness. One of the most exciting things that happened this week was when we went to serve on of our investigators and pulled her weeds for pretty much an hour and a half.  We were all soaked with sweat, it was so hot. It was so gross. But we had a ton of fun. Then she demanded us let her take us to dinner for that, and since we didn't have a dinner and out next appointment canceled we said ok. We were going to follow her to the restaurant, so we backed out and parked to wait for her to back out of her driveway, and on her way other [another driver?] backed into our car!!! The passenger side door hinge was crunched. The door no longer opens all the way. So we had to call that in and take care of that. We didn't have to call the police because it wasn't a crash of any sort. But it was reported and we exchanged information and then we went to dinner. It was really good.  Yummy food, and pretty funny because of the little crunch of the cars. It was great.

Then we went and helped one of our investigators get a blessing. She was deaf, so Sister Havran had to interpret. It was so cool. I love it when investigators get to see and participate in priesthood ordinances. It was great.

Another day we did service at the old folks home here and helped do puzzles with the people there. It was really fun. Apparently I like puzzles a lot. We saw a lot of people this week and said goodbye to a lot of people. We got to see he two newborn babies this week and say goodbye to the families. I really love all the members in Southaven. They were so sad to see me go.

We had so many investigators and less actives we have been working with at church yesterday. It was great. There were 5 investigators and like three less active families that came. It was crazy and incredible. So fun. Then we had to go home early last night so I could pack. It was so crazy, and I had so much to do, but I did get to bed at least close to on time. This week has been crazy. I'm going to the mission home today with my new companion Sister Evans, and we'll get our new missionary tomorrow. It's so sad that I have to say goodbye to my two wonderful companions Sister Havran and Sister Wilson. I love them and I'll miss them. They are both the best.

Good luck to y'all on trek. Tell me all the stories. Love you guys!
Love Kimber

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