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Monday, July 25, 2016

New area, new comps, old comps and BED BUGS!

This week has been crazy!! A week ago I was packing up my stuff and heading up to the church.  I met Sister Evans (from Bountiful, Utah) at the church before we got in the car. She is super cute. Even shorter than I am. Turns out this is her last transfer. So our greenie I and I will be killing her.

Then we went to Little Rock. I got to see Sister Hirschi there, and she will actually be my sister training leader! I'm really excited about that. We did splits that night because there were so many people without companions. There were 20 missionaries that just came out. It was cray. Then on Tuesday we got our greenie!! Her name is Sister Esplin. And she is from Farmington Utah. She is so cute! And so excited to do missionary work. I have the best companions. We are already really
good friends.

New missionaries & their comps - Can you find Sis B? Check out the mission pres & his wife...
This week has been extra crazy for us because besides the training and orientation for the new missionaries this week, when we went to our new area (which Sister Evans has been in this ward before, so it's not a complete pink-wash, but pretty close) we couldn't go to our apartment. First, we learned on about Tuesday that our apartment has bed bugs in it. Then all week long we have been checking up on it and waiting to hear back that they were gone. As far as we know, there are still bed bugs there. Sister Evans just came from an area at had bed bugs, and she had just gotten rid of them, only to come to a new apartment that has them, so we were having none of that. We stayed the first night at a members' home and then the mission got us a hotel room. So later today we are going to go to the apartment and do a lot of cleaning to get rid of anything, and the exterminator should come in a few days.

So, lots of drama in the first week. Not to mention that because we are all coming from different areas, and there are three of us, all our luggage doesn't even begin to fin in the car with us, and the hotel room is pretty small, so half of our stuff is at the members home that we stayed with the first night.

But, on a good note, this area is so amazing! Our first night here we had a Relief Society activity about making family mission plans. Then we had a member out with us our second day. And on Sunday there were so many members that were so eager to go out teaching with us. They were all really excited to have Sister Evans back. This ward is going to be incredible. Also we have some pretty cool investigators that we are teaching. And there is one guy that we found our first day that we went back to see him and Sister Esplin totally invited him to baptism and he accepted!! She did so good. There are so many promising investigators, and we've already had some productive proselyting. This is going to be a great area.

Also, we definitely got caught in the rain on our second day, and we were totally soaked! Completely through. It was so fun! And the thunder and lightening was really exciting. We just walked down the road getting soaked and sang hymns and the mission song. It was so very fun. We had the biggest smiles and it was hilarious to see the expressions of the people passing us on the road. I love being a missionary! We get to be so weird.

If there are any questions I'll answer them, as long as they are within my hour of emailing, otherwise you'll have to wait until next week to get the answers you want.

Love Kimber
Sister Esplin, Sister Evans, Me!

Isn't our baby so cute?!

I got to see Sis Fogg!!

Sister Havran, me and Sister Wilson, I'll remember them fondly!

Btw, I made tuna fish casserole a couple weeks ago, if I haven't told you yet...

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