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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Happy 4th of July! US πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†

Hello all! This week was so fun! And so many amazing things happened.

Happy 4th of July! It poured so much rain. It did that Monday too, so I'll send the video from Monday, but the same thing happened the next day. Also, that day we quite an interesting discussion with a couple Jehovah's Witnesses who don't think we know what we believe, so that we super interesting. Wow, I'm so grateful that I can tell the truth by the Holy Spirit (Moroni 10:3-5). It was really strange because halfway through the lesson neither Sister Anderson or I could feel the Spirit anymore, so we were pretty happy to leave. They were both really nice, and I like them, they are just not ready for our message.
All wet! You can see the clouds move! The whole sky is beautiful
On Wednesday we spent a good minute studying for a very confusing instruction the next day. Neither Sister Anderson or I had ever instructed before, so the fact that it turned out ok is all on Heavenly Father, as it should be. But one fun thing that day is that we ran into a guy I had taught back in Millington, so that was exciting! We'll go see him again soon. He's so cool.

Ok, then on Thursday we had a Meet-the-President meeting. We met President and Sister Hansen!!! They are amazing, and I just love them already! I am so grateful I get to spend the next couple weeks with them, they have such fire and so many new insights into missionary work. When he first started talking to us he kept telling stories he had tracted on his mission here thirty something years ago. Then he said that he LOVES tracting. It's fun. And Sister Hansen is also amazing. They had both spent the last six-ish months memorizing our names with our pictures, so they had us pretty well down. It was impressive.

Also, he gave us a blessing, as our mission president with the keys he holds for that. It was incredible. I will be studying my notes from that blessing for a good minute. The whole thing was so inspired.
President and Sister Hansen!
Happy Birthday Sister Hansen! (That was last week sometime)
Ok, then on Friday we went out to see the two that we have been preparing for baptism to teach the last little bit that they had. And then we came back for weekly planning. It always takes too long, but I appreciate all the things we get prepared for it. Also, that evening the two we saw earlier came for their baptismal interviews, and then we played volleyball with them and some members of the ward, and we had three inactive young men that we had invited last Sunday there. It was so fun! I love volleyball, even though I'm terrible at it. Haha.

And then it was Saturday morning. We had to get up early, to get all the things done we needed to that day, and so we set our alarms early so we'd be up in time, the. Went to bed. So when I heard the alarm I jumped up and went to brush my teeth as Sister Anderson went to the bathroom. After I brushed my teeth I came into the room and the light was still off and Sister Anderson was lying in bed. So I turned on the light and asked why she was in bed? Then she turned over and asked what are you doing? Then I glanced at the clock. It was a little after two in the morning, we didn't need to be up until six. That dumb weather radio! It's been going off all week with the crazy storms (that I happen to LOVE). So I was up way too early, and she'd just been going to the bathroom, my own alarm had never gone off. I'd totally jumped the gun, and was still exhausted, so I climbed back in bed, and fell immediately back to sleep. Next thing I knew, it was actually six in the morning, and I didn't like it any better than I did at two, but that's ok. Either way, Saturday was amazing! So the reason we got up at 6 am? Our investigators got baptized!!!!!! They are amazing and it was just beautiful. There was so much support from the ward, we had two youth give the talk, and two members called us asking if someone was bringing refreshments, and we hadn't had a chance to take care of that yet, so they kindly brought some. Bartlett is amazing! They just swept up those kids into their arms and have taken them into the ward family so fully. It has been so fun to see the power of the ward counsel in bringing souls unto Christ. Truly, I've been doing it backwards my whole mission, the ward is the key, we are the support to all that the ward does as they grow their ward family. It was amazing.

Love it! They were so excited!
But that's not it, as soon as the baptism was over, we drove out to West Memphis to have a day exchange. Sister Anderson came back here with Sister McNall and Sister Johnson while I stayed in West Memphis with Sister Chapple. We had so much fun. We literally talked to everyone, and met so many amazing people. There were so many people out and doing random things that we had ample opportunity to talk to people. We didn't have any appointments, so we just drove from point to point literally talking to everyone and heading out so many cards and meeting so many. It was so fun. We turned around a ton to go back and talk to a person we saw, and we took forever to get to the next destination, but it didn't matter, we had nothing set and we were accomplishing our purpose. Also, we got lost or turned around a ton, and we just continued to talk to people as we did that. Every time a missionary gets lost it is for a purpose, the Lord is so completely reg, (?) every time was a blessing for us. It was so much fun! I want to have another day like that. Then we switched back at the end of the day.
Exchanges! Sis Chapple & Sis Beckstrand

And the it was Sunday. Another beautiful day. Our two beautiful people that just got baptized got confirmed (the gift of the Holy Ghost), and they loved it. The ward is so excited to have them. Then in Gospel Principles we had another man who the teacher focused the lesson on, and he was asked at one point what he would do if he found out that the Book of Mormon were true, and he said that he would go all for it, completely, with everything he has. This man is so humble! He's amazing, and I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to be here teaching him the restored gospel. We are so excited to continue teaching him.

It has been a beautiful week. I have truly loved every second, no matter how much stretching happened in the process. I am not done yet. The field is white, already to harvest, and I will thrust in my sickle with all my might (D&C 4). It's the day of the South!

Love y'all!
Sister Beckstrand
Haha, love it

All in one day

That's MOSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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