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Monday, July 24, 2017

There are also many other things which Jesus did...

This week was so fun! We were so busy again, but this time we only had one exchange, and then we had so much to do in our area. Wow. First, Hermana Olson came here while Sister Anderson went with Sister Burk to Lakeland. We had so much fun! We were able to teach these two different people we have been in contact with for a while. One of them is a family with fun kids. I love them. The mom had so many thoughts and questions that fit so perfectly in with the restoration. She is so golden!! Plus I love her! And everyone was home that day. That was a good day.
Sisters Anderson, Hansen & Beckstrand
Also, week I saw both President and Sister Hansen three days in a row, Thursday night we had an amazing meeting with them and the stake president, and then Friday Sister Hansen came out teaching with us, and then Saturday President Hansen came and gave a blessing to one of our investigators!! It was crazy. In the meeting with the stake president, President Hansen talked about his vision for the mission, and the Spirit was so strong in the room. We all had chills the whole time. I know that he is called of God, and he is needed at this time. I have never been so sad that this week is my last week until that meeting. I was so excited for all the things that will be happening in the Arkansas Little Rock Mission. And then when Sister Hansen came out with us the next day, she was so excited to go tracting. President Hansen just loves to tract, he talks about it all the time. So, naturally, Sister Hansen is beyond excited to try out tracting. So she was coming out with us to do it. She'd been out with the sisters twice before but had not had the opportunity to knock on a single door because people had been out on the streets. So we were going to get her that experience. And we started walking. We saw one guy outside so we talked to him. At this time, we needed to walk a good distance to go see someone we really wanted to see, but we told Sister Hansen if she sees a door that she feels like we should knock to point it out and we'll go. And then, of course, because I was talking about it I saw a door to knock on. So we went to go knock on it. And as it turns out, the red car that just passed us pulled into the driveway. So we talked to them. They're from Russia! It was fun to talk to hem, and we get to teach them now too! It was whole night with Sister Hansen things like that happened. We never made it to our destination, there were too many people to talk to, and Sister Hansen never got the opportunity to knock on one door. It was pretty funny. And she is amazing, and her greenie fire is the best. Then the next morning President and the APs came to our investigators home, and we talked for a bit, and then gave her a blessing. The Spirit in the room was so powerful. And the timing of our teaching her is just right. I know that the Lord arranged her life just so we could talk to her at his time, usually she'd be working all the time, but because of an injury, she has time to sit at home and learn the gospel before she has to go back to work. She is amazing! I am so excited to see how she will progress!

And Sunday is always amazing. We had several people come to church, but only one of them was an investigator, the rest were less actives and kids of less actives. We had so many miracles this week. One was when we had this less active referred to us, and I didn't even know you could refer less actives, but we got her, and were finally able to go over and meet her. Her life has been getting worse and worse over the last months, and I can tell y'all, the Lord's timing is impeccable because she needed us right then. We were able to get bishop over the next day, and then she got a blessing the day after that, and her kids were able to go to church yesterday. I love her, and I am so grateful we were able to go by when we did. I love how the Lord works. I've definitely missed a ton of miracles in this letter (John 21:25), but Bartlett is amazing. The people are so ready for the gospel in their lives. All these good southern people who love the Lord and are starting to see the holes and searching for the truth. That is why we are here. We had one lady tell us this week that she wants to be a Mormon. Well, your talkin' to the right folks. I love her. This place is the best. I have learned so much, and I have loved it.

Love y'all!

Sister Beckstrand
Sallie got baptized!! (She's the 8 yr old daughter of some members we've been working with)
I love these kids!!!

I'm not praying, I was stretching, but Sister Anderson found it hilarious.

This is our weakness, who knew?? 

Mom received a text with all these Memphis pictures (above & below) today: "Hey Sister Beckstrand, this is Carlee Tagge I live in Memphis Tennessee where your daughter is serving. I am a member of the ward your daughter is over. I moved here with my husband and one year old daughter about six months ago from Utah. I got to take your daughter out for the day to downtown Memphis. We went to the pyramid, the Peabody hotel, walked the Mississippi River, then had some delicious pizza. I just wanted to thank you for raising such a great daughter, she is working so hard and is so spiritual. She is so amazing and I am so happy that I have got to know her."

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